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[alert style=”white”] UPDATE #4 – As of January 2 – 1.45am, the account  has been cleared and both the RT and the tweets have been erased. [/alert]

[alert style=”white”] UPDATE #3 – As of 11.59 PM EEST, there are 1.065 retweets and 267 favorites. January 2 – 12.13am 2,205 retweets and 549 favs. 12.25am – 3,478 RT and 820 Favs. [/alert]

@Skype still hacked

[alert style=”white”] UPDATE #2 – As of 11.39 PM EEST, another update has been posted.[/alert]

Seems like the previous tweets are not wiped, and the profile information is still intact. Even if I’m not a fan of MS or Skype, I reported the tweets as the account being compromised. Good luck, MS.

Seems it has been hacked again

[alert style=”white”] UPDATE #1 – As of 11.25pm EEST, the official @Skype account has not been restored. [/alert]

Browsing my timeline, just stumbled on the latest tweet of Skype. Seems like the official account of @Skype has just been hacked, as of January 1st, 2-2014 – 10.35pm EEST.

Skype official Twitter account has been hacked

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