[UPDATED] Skype’s Twitter official account has been hacked

[alert style=”white”] UPDATE #4 – As of January 2 – 1.45am, the account  has been cleared and both the RT and the tweets have been erased. [/alert] [alert style=”white”] UPDATE #3 – As of 11.59 PM EEST, there are 1.065 retweets and 267 favorites. January 2 – 12.13am 2,205 retweets and 549 favs. 12.25am – 3,478 RT and 820 Favs. [/alert] [alert […]

Firefox OS Typeface, now available for free

Based on FF Meta, Fira Sans is the original font used by the Firefox OS and which Mozilla makes it available to the public. The Fira font family comes in a Sans Serif with 4 weights (light, regular, medium and bold) all accompanied by italic styles. The package also includes a Mono Spaced variant with 2 […]

Getting rid of apps with unfair pricing policy

[alert style=”green”] UPDATE: A debate is in talks on Creative Cow forum – http://goo.gl/KDHlZW [/alert] [alert style=”orange”] UPDATE #2 – And on the Adobe forum – http://forums.adobe.com/message/4372666 [/alert] [alert style=”red”] UPDATE #3 – The final promotion on 2013, available both in US and EU, shows the same unfair pricing policy. PS and LR on CC plan are […]

Is writing project proposal a pain?

A interesting article signed Jonathan Wold and published by Smashing Magazine crossed today into my reading list. The subject is the project proposal that we are used to write. The idea is that a paid evaluation simply works for both client and designer or whatever, developer or simply project manager for a lager team. Rush, risks and […]

Time for doing it

What are you doing when you have plenty of time? I’d say sleep. What about you? Positioning myself at the moment somehwere in between of creative / branding strategy projects, concerts, tours and traffic, I just finished uploading 98% of my work and found time to do it. I’d appreciate any like, tweet, moo’s and whaa’s, no […]