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UPDATE #4 – As of January 2 – 1.45am, the account  has been cleared and both the RT and the tweets have been erased. 
UPDATE #3 – As of 11.59 PM EEST, there are 1.065 retweets and 267 favorites. January 2 – 12.13am 2,205 retweets and 549 favs. 12.25am – 3,478 RT and 820 Favs. 

@Skype still hacked

UPDATE #2 – As of 11.39 PM EEST, another update has been posted.

Seems like the previous tweets are not wiped, and the profile information is still intact. Even if I’m not a fan of MS or Skype, I reported the tweets as the account being compromised. Good luck, MS.

Seems it has been hacked again

UPDATE #1 – As of 11.25pm EEST, the official @Skype account has not been restored.

Browsing my timeline, just stumbled on the latest tweet of Skype. Seems like the official account of @Skype has just been hacked, as of January 1st, 2-2014 – 10.35pm EEST.

Skype official Twitter account has been hacked

Based on FF Meta, Fira Sans is the original font used by the Firefox OS and which Mozilla makes it available to the public.

The Fira font family comes in a Sans Serif with 4 weights (light, regular, medium and bold) all accompanied by italic styles. The package also includes a Mono Spaced variant with 2 weights (regular and bold) and is available to be downloaded in OpenType, TrueType or WebFont variants, including text CSS.


Usage example

Fira Sans Usage Example

Fira SansFira SansFira SansFira Sans




UPDATE: A debate is in talks on Creative Cow forum –
UPDATE #2 – And on the Adobe forum –
UPDATE #3 – The final promotion on 2013, available both in US and EU, shows the same unfair pricing policy. PS and LR on CC plan are so different in pricing approach.

CC Promotion CC Promotion

Yes Adobe, [it used to be written “I’m”] we all are looking at you. I tweeted at you 182 days ago, not heard.

As being professional, I buy each app I discover to simplify my workflow and thus, raise my productivity. And if it is cheaper, I am happy to support that software engineers that had the idea and the guts to compete with the software giants.

For years, I was looking to the all acclaimed CS from Adobe. Why looking and no touching? Just because of its pricing policy. When Adobe announced that CS will have a pay-as-you-go subscription, I was telling myself: “Gush, so cool, should be cheaper, let’s go for it”. I was wrong. Well, I took my card to pay for a full year of Creative Cloud Membership with the Complete plan and surprise: €61,49 / mo. (EU) instead of $49.99 / mo. (US). OK, VAT, taxes etceteras. Guys, that’s not fair. As of ECB today rate (March 28, 2013), 49.99 US Dollar equals 39.09 Euro. You can easily count in numbers or percentage. Yes, I am living in Europe – Romania, but that’s not a burden in your shoulders, Adobe. You should have made it fair for all, and you could have counted me in your yard.

Nope, nada, YAY!

Thanks God that real, I mean real, good alternatives exists. At least for me and other happy switchers. And available for buying on Apple’s OSX App Store.

The fully fledged Photoshop has been replaced by Pixelmator. At a mere price of  €13.99, now for almost 6 months in sale, Pixelmator does the job regardless the promotion or the real cost. I’m not comparing apples with pears, I know exactly how many features have PS compared to Pixelmator. You can achieve the same results with Pixelmator, trust me.

Illustrator has its counter part, also. It is coded by Bohemian Coding and the app is called Sketch and it has a meaningful tagline: the designer’s toolbox. At its €44.99 pricing, the app is priceless. Just give it a try, AI guys. You’ll love the interface and the tools. It’s as simply as Pages, Keynote and Numbers.

Total? €58.98. Try the apps and draw the line.

I can’t say that PS or AI are bad apps, it’s the business selling model. And none of my feelings are directed to the team that actually did them. My hat is down for them and always has been there. I just wrote this article so that other guys like me to achieve the same results with less money, or at least with a fair pricing policy. Fair from the geolocation point of view.

Adobe, please do not hate me as I do not hate you. I am not paid by any of the apps mentioned. I’m just a happy switcher.

A interesting article signed Jonathan Wold and published by Smashing Magazine crossed today into my reading list.

The subject is the project proposal that we are used to write. The idea is that a paid evaluation simply works for both client and designer or whatever, developer or simply project manager for a lager team.

Rush, risks and details could bring pain compared to a well documented, details oriented and pricing surprise free evaluation. Steps for a great evaluation are indeed written.

Go ahead, it worths reading the article. I am with it.


Time for doing it

What are you doing when you have plenty of time? I’d say sleep. What about you?

Positioning myself at the moment somehwere in between of creative / branding strategy projects, concerts, tours and traffic, I just finished uploading 98% of my work and found time to do it. I’d appreciate any like, tweet, moo’s and whaa’s, no matter what.

The place where I’m sharing cool design / technology related infographics, videos, recipes and other interesting stuff is my blog, easy to type in:

Easy to write, easy to read. Drop me a line. Cheers!

After years of searching for finding time to showcase my work online, here it is: ta-daaa! You can applaud too, but probably it’ll be just me who will clap my hands and shout like wolverines. For now.

Being independent consultant and providing creative services like branding strategy, visual identity, naming, print and digital / web on different roles, ranging from creative designer to art director has its ups and downs regarding to self-confidence, time vs. personal life. I am gonna save your time and share my thoughts on its benefits, regarding especially the results of your work upon the feedback you get from your clients. Aka, to steel a “You did a great job, thanks.”

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