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Time for doing it

What are you doing when you have plenty of time? I’d say sleep. What about you?

Positioning myself at the moment somehwere in between of creative / branding strategy projects, concerts, tours and traffic, I just finished uploading 98% of my work and found time to do it. I’d appreciate any like, tweet, moo’s and whaa’s, no matter what.

The place where I’m sharing cool design / technology related infographics, videos, recipes and other interesting stuff is my blog, easy to type in:

Easy to write, easy to read. Drop me a line. Cheers!

After years of searching for finding time to showcase my work online, here it is: ta-daaa! You can applaud too, but probably it’ll be just me who will clap my hands and shout like wolverines. For now.

Being independent consultant and providing creative services like branding strategy, visual identity, naming, print and digital / web on different roles, ranging from creative designer to art director has its ups and downs regarding to self-confidence, time vs. personal life. I am gonna save your time and share my thoughts on its benefits, regarding especially the results of your work upon the feedback you get from your clients. Aka, to steel a “You did a great job, thanks.”

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