Finally, it's here!

Finally, it’s here!

After years of searching for finding time to showcase my work online, here it is: ta-daaa! You can applaud too, but probably it’ll be just me who will clap my hands and shout like wolverines. For now.

Being independent consultant and providing creative services like branding strategy, visual identity, naming, print and digital / web on different roles, ranging from creative designer to art director has its ups and downs regarding to self-confidence, time vs. personal life. I am gonna save your time and share my thoughts on its benefits, regarding especially the results of your work upon the feedback you get from your clients. Aka, to steel a “You did a great job, thanks.”

Starting with 2001, I learned how to think. I started thinking about how to brainstorm for ideas that will succeed to pitches, ideas that will help create, evolve and manage genuine  brands. Design was my second interest, after music and performing the cello, so I started training myself with the all-you-can-eat branding dishes. 2002 was the year when I sold the first logo and the first website, crafted by myself, refreshing immediately with the satisfaction of the first sale. Nice.

2003 came with my first award, American Design Awards with Gold for Express Rent a Car website and my first complete rebranding experience. Express Rent a Car was literally the first brand that I took care, starting with designing the logo, creating the whole visual identity along with marketing and communication literature for printing. Same year, after two years of washing ideas, I created the name of my future incorporated company, Flavorade, pushed ahead by one great old friend, Jack Yan. He was among the ones who believed in me, giving me the necessary power to start my second career as independent consultant. Thank you all, for the support.

Starting with 2005, Flavorade was my school, training me in every aspect of the business. For the ones that don’t already know, I graduated the National University of Music, the cello section. So being professional in my first career, was the key point, determining me to be professional¬†having the second one. It wasn’t the money who pushed me into, but the passion for creating other things than music, with the same brain and hands. It wasn’t either a switch, a new job or just another way of making money. I am still performing as cellist in the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra since 1997, so my new career filled the time completely. Both careers are demanding, but both are rewarding. Don’t try both if you do not want to invest 25 hours a day.

To cut the crap, thanks for reading a quick history of the last ten years of my career and I wish to see you back soon, reading interesting articles. Much interesting than this one.

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